3 Easy Tips for Catering Your Next School Lunch

We all know the importance of eating highly nutritious and wholesome meals, but this is doubly as important for young children.  A healthy and well-balanced diet helps young students to grow and learn. We want every school day for even the youngest students to flow easily and allow them to feel focused and on-task.  These easy tips will help you when catering your spring school lunches.

school lunch catering

We want every school day to flow easily and allow students to feel focused and on-task. These easy tips will help you when catering your spring school lunches.

Let Them Choose

Much like adults, young students can be very particular about what they eat.  Elementary-aged students will be much more enthusiastic about lunch if they feel as if they had some choice in the matter.  Luckily, there are many health-conscious options from our school lunch menu.  Chances are that your students love burgers.  High-protein beef burgers served with a side of fresh fruit and broccoli will leave students feeling fully satisfied and ready to participate in their next class.  If looking for non-red meat choices, students will enjoy our authentic chicken quesadillas, served with delicious waffle fries and veggies with dip. Whatever they choose, they will leave the lunchroom feeling full and ready to take on the rest of their school day.

Keep It Social

For some students, lunchtime is the most social part of their day.  You want students to be satisfied with their lunch so that they are able to socialize with their peers.  An unsatisfying lunch may leave them feeling irritable and less willing to participate. Make sure your school catering service is providing the best lunches possible.  You want every child in the lunchroom to feel happy and well taken care of.  It starts with knowing that they are headed to lunch and getting a full meal that keeps their bodies and minds strong.

Continue Their Education

The entire school day offers unique learning experiences at specific times of the day.  Learning doesn’t stop in the lunchroom. These healthy and nutrient-rich lunches will teach young students to enjoy wholesome and fresh foods.  Every meal time in a young child’s life should be an opportunity for them to try something new and beneficial. Don’t let the stigma of school lunches get in the way of a child’s physical and mental growth.  School catering services can help your students get the lunches that could benefit them for the rest of their lives.  Learning a little about nutrition now will lead them to making healthy choices in the future.

School Lunch Catering from Abundance Catering

When you work with The Abundance Catering Company, you get a partner that understands how important it is that your co-workers or students are satisfied with the catering service. Whether you need catering for 10 people or 1,000, Abundance Catering can help. The Abundance Catering Company specializes in corporate catering and K-12 school dining services for Anne Arundel, Howard, and Baltimore counties, as well as Baltimore City. Follow us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, for weekly updates regarding our services and more!

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