3 Reasons Not To Eat Lunch At Your Desk


Work can be stressful. Step away from your desk for your lunch break!

The pressures and responsibilities we have at work can be overwhelming. Sometimes it might feel like you’ll never reply to all your emails or get your work for the day completed. It can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get your work done, which leads some people to do anything they can to maximize the time they spend working. One way employees do this is by eating lunch at their desks. While this might seem like a great thing, there are a lot of reasons that you shouldn’t do it.

Health Problems

Staying seated for an extended period of time can lead to health issues such as increased risks for diabetes and heart diseases. In many workplaces, you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting down in general but by eating lunch at your desk, you’re not taking advantage of your opportunity to walk around. Make sure that you take your lunch break and maximize your make the most of your chance to move around.


Taking lunch at your desk means that there is no separation between your work and your break. Lunch breaks are not only there for you to eat your food but to give you a chance to get mentally refreshed before you tackle the second half of your day. When you are eating your lunch at your desk, you may feel stressed or like there’s a rush to get back to your work. Contrary to popular belief, working and eating at the same time is not necessarily more productive. You won’t be able to give either activity the full attention it needs, which can negatively affect your performance.


If you put too much into your work without replenishing your own energy, you can find yourself becoming burned out. This feeling is more serious than just feeling tired from time to time and can extend into other parts of your life. Your life should consist of more than your work responsibilities, so remember to take breaks regularly. A great way to start is by making sure that you step away from your desk to eat your lunch.

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