3 Summer Healthy Eating Tips For Active Kids


With these summer nutrition tips, your active kids will feel healthy all season.

In the summer, kids are typically more active than they’ve been all school year. That’s why providing nutritious meals for your kids is important all year long, especially when they’re burning some extra calories in the summer. There are many facets to nutrition that people of every age should be aware of. With these summer nutrition tips, your active kids will feel healthy all season.

Start Your Day In The Best Way

Even if your breakfast is small, eating a breakfast is the best way to get your body geared up for the day ahead. As a parent, you can get your children into the healthy habit of eating a daily breakfast. Even if it’s something you find hard to make time for in the school year, the summer is the perfect time to start the ritual and find ways to make it work all year long.

Choose Smarter Snacks

It’s all too easy to choose snacks that are the opposite of nutritious. Candy and potato chips are so enticing, especially if you’re an active kid who has been swimming and playing in the sun all day. By eliminating poor choices from your pantry and loading up with nutrient-rich snacks like fruits and veggies, your kids will have better options to choose from. By opting for snacks that are packed with vitamins and minerals, your child will be better able to remain active.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Remembering to drink water all day long can be hard, but once again, this is a healthy habit that you should instill in your children at a young age. As soon as they are able to drink water, you should constantly remind them to keep drinking. This is especially true in the harsh heat of the summer. Kids may find themselves too busy to remember to take water breaks, but this is what leads to heat stroke and other heat-related health issues. Make sure your child always has a full water bottle on-hand to reduce the risk of dehydration.

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