The 4 Benefits of Nutritious School Lunches

Discover how young students benefit from a delicious lunch!

School catering is a great way to ensure that students are getting a complete and nutritious meal every day. Beyond delicious food boosting the mood of your children, nutritious school lunches actually have a direct effect on how well children perform in the classroom. Curious about more of the advantages of school lunch catering? Here are four of the biggest benefits of nutritious school lunches.

Get the Nutrients That You Need

Nutritious school lunches help to provide students with 1/3 of their daily calorie and nutrient intake. It’s important to offer filling and nutrient-dense foods that will power your child’s brain and body. Good quality school lunches are designed to fill 1/3 (or more) of your child’s daily protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium needs. With catered school lunches from The Abundance Catering Company, you can rest easy knowing that your child is getting the brain fuel that they need.

Limit Excess Fat Intake

The most recent dietary recommendations suggest that children get no more than 25-35% of their daily calories from fat. Instead of eating pizza and cookies, the fat should come from healthy and natural sources like olive oils and unsalted nuts. This healthy amount of fats will help to nourish their bodies and brains without promoting excess fat accumulation. A nutritious school lunch will keep fat calories at an amount less than 30% of the total count.

Stop Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a growing concern for schools and parents across the country. One of the best ways to combat this alarming trend is with quality school lunches. Nutritious school lunches will teach children healthy eating habits that they can also take home with them. School lunch menus that don’t emphasize good whole foods can actually raise a child’s risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes in the future. Nutritious school lunches can help to promote a lifetime of healthy eating.

Keep Grades High

School lunch catering of nutritious school lunches helps to actually boost test scores and homework completion. If children are hungry and under-nourished, those results will show up in the classroom. Children who are hungry and unsatisfied will also be more likely to grab unhealthy snacks the moment that they get home.

School Lunch Catering from Abundance Catering

When you work with The Abundance Catering Company, you get a partner that understands how important it is that your coworkers or students are satisfied with the catering service. Whether you need catering for 10 people or 1,000, Abundance Catering can help. The Abundance Catering Company specializes in corporate catering and K-12 school dining services for Anne Arundel, Howard, and Baltimore counties, as well as Baltimore City. Follow us on FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter, for weekly updates regarding our services and more!

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