4 Healthy Ways Catered Camp Lunches Benefit Kids


With a school catering service, your child’s camp can supply the nutritious lunches that your child needs.

Just because school is out doesn’t mean healthy lunches for your kids should stop. While the kids are expending energy at camp, they’ll be in need of those same nutritious lunches they ate all school year. With a school catering service, your child’s camp can supply the nutrient-rich, healthy lunches that your child needs to stay active and alert, no matter what type of camp your child attends.

Another Opportunity to Learn

Supplying campers with catered lunches provides more than an opportunity to eat a health-conscious lunch. It provides them everyday opportunities to try new foods and learn about the health benefits of eating well. During the summer, lunch is the perfect time for kids to come together and learn a little bit more about the kinds of foods they should be eating all year long.

Improved Physical Health

A large number of children in the United States currently suffer from obesity. This is a disease that can easily be prevented by sustaining a healthy diet and engaging in daily exercise. Ultra-processed foods can lead to more health problems down the line, and the best way to avoid this is with a healthy lunch. This is especially important in the summer when children are likely to be exercising more often and in the heat of the summer.

Enhanced Academic Performance

With a healthy catered lunch, students and campers of all ages consume nutrients that help stimulate their brains. Increased brain stimulation aids in overall brain function, allowing children to maintain focus and stay on-task. Whether your child attends an athletic camp, art camp, or academic camp, he or she needs the correct nutrients for proper brain function.

Promote Future Healthy Habits

By eating healthy catered lunches every day, this will eventually become a habit. Children who are used to eating well and making good choices from a young age will do so for the rest of their lives. Getting even the youngest campers on-track early in their lives will promote future healthy habits throughout their lives.

Healthy School and Camp Lunches from Abundance Catering

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