4 Reasons Why Students Need a Healthy Lunch

Discover why school lunch is so important for young children.

School lunch is one of the most important parts of your child’s day, and not just because school catering is delicious. Food provides the fuel that their growing bodies need to play, learn, and grow. Healthy school lunches are more important now than ever, as 34% of adult Americans over the age of 20 are obese and 20% of children ages 6-11 are also obese. To prevent obesity and reverse this trend, healthy school lunch catering is vital.  

Boost Academic Performance

Nutrition is essential to excellent academic performance. Even small nutrition changes, like eliminating soda from their diets, have a positive impact on standardized testing. Changing school catering to healthier options has been proven to have a positive impact on standardized test scores. To help your child achieve the most possible throughout their school career, make sure that their school is using healthy school catering.

Boost Their Mood

Many Americans, both children, and adults eat a diet that is high in trans fats. Trans fats were shown, in a 2011 study, to have a direct correlation to depression. Those who consumed the most trans fats had a whopping 48% higher risk of depression. By lowering a number of trans fats that your child is taking in, you will decrease their chances of suffering from depression, obesity, diabetes, and a whole host of other health issues. School catering can eliminate trans fats from their diet.

Meet Daily Guidelines

While many students are dealing with obesity, they are also malnourished. This is counterintuitive, but it’s because many of the high-fat and high-calorie foods kids consume don’t actually have much nutritional value. Only 2% of children in the US adhere to the food pyramid recommendations and less than 15% of students get the recommended amount of fruit. Healthy school catering can bridge that gap and ensure that daily requirements are being met.

Avoid Costly Consequences

If students do not eat a healthy diet, they will have an increased risk of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Poor eating habits and a lack of physical activity are linked to a devastating 300,000 deaths a year. If healthy eating habits are fostered early on with healthy school lunch catering, a lot of damage can be avoided.

School Lunch Catering from Abundance Catering

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