4 Ways to Prioritize Nutrition at Your Workplace

4 Ways to Prioritize Nutrition at Your Workplace

A few changes and considerations in the workplace mean your employees’ nutrition can improve.

School students need to have proper nutrition included in their meals. So why not practice this principle at the office? The healthier your employees feel, the better they will do at work, and that can always benefit everybody! Let’s find out how to do this in your workplace to promote better nutrition. 

Make a Lunch Break Mandatory 

Full-time employees can easily fall into the trap of always eating at their desks. Scientific studies have shown that this erodes their ability to focus on what they’re doing; in other words, multitasking isn’t productive. That’s why you should make lunch breaks mandatory and give your employees at least an hour to rest and refocus after the morning rush. This way, employees can put thought into their diet and nutrition as much as they put in effort to their work.

Create a Pleasant Dining Area

The next step is to create a pleasant dining area. Whether it is a nicely maintained picnic table or an actual patio located in the parking lot outside the building, this can be a fantastic way to energize your team, especially as spring and summer approach. Everyone appreciates having some fresh air as a change from sitting inside all day, typing at computers, or poring through their assigned paperwork. Refrigerators, microwaves, and coffeemakers are essential, but going above and beyond will help boost morale. A comfy and uncluttered space also makes a difference, as does having cushioned chairs and plenty of shade.   

Rethink the Options 

Even if your employees prefer to bring their lunch every day, they shouldn’t have to subsist on reheated leftovers. Rethink the options you offer in your cafe or cafeteria. If you need to hire catering services, then it’s a great time to follow through and make a change! Abundance Catering is ready and waiting to give you all the catering help that you need!

Highlight Hydration

Finally, do what you can to emphasize how important proper hydration is. Dehydration is more debilitating than it might sound. In essence, headaches, fatigue, and excessive hunger or thirst can interfere with your employees’ faculties and cause them to lose focus or be in low moods that can disrupt their workflow. Proper hydration is a vital component of nutrition.

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