5 Tips for Throwing a Catered 4th of July Office Party

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With a catered Fourth of July office party, everyone will be excited to celebrate our country!

If you work in an industry that doesn’t let you out of work on the Fourth of July, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate. There are plenty of ways to bring the festivities to the office, although some of them require a little planning. As a supervisor, it’s important to make sure to celebrate in a way that can help boost morale and assist with team building. Just because you need to work on the Fourth of July doesn’t mean it can’t be at least a little fun. With a catered Fourth of July office party, everyone will be excited to celebrate our country!

Start With Catering

Hiring a trusted, local catering service will absolutely come in handy. Go for an easy menu with options like hot dogs and barbeque, which are often cheaper than other alternatives and are more appropriate to the holiday.

Organize a Pie-Off

What’s Fourth of July without apple pie? Pie, fruit crumbles, and appropriately colored baked goods are all great ways to celebrate the holiday. With lunch provided, you can offer up a baked goods challenge to your team, potentially with small prizes to the best desserts.

Dress Festively

Suggest that employees come dressed in red, white, and blue. Even if you follow a strict dress code, getting into the spirit can be well within code while helping up the festivity.  

Don’t Forget the Decorations

Streamers are nice, but a simple approach of offering employees a small flag for their desks is a lovely, subtle touch that they’ll appreciate for months to come.

End the Day With Sparklers

As everyone is heading out for the day take a moment to pause with a sparkler send off. As long as they’re not handled carelessly, sparklers can make for a beautiful, festive end to the day. If your workday lets out long before the sun sets, consider handing them out with the desk flags for employees to take home as a thank you gesture.

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