The Benefits of Eating Lunch with Coworkers

Treat your team to lunch!

Treat your team to lunch!

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many of those who are clever at work know that lunch can be just as important. Lunching together gives colleagues time to relax, bond, share ideas, and support and inspire each other. Read on about the benefits of lunching together to learn what corporate catering can do for your team.

Get A Productivity Boost

After studying a firehouse for over a year, experts found that firefighters who eat together work together more cohesively. Dining together is an essential team building exercise which levels the playing field. This is why it pays to foster a cooperative atmosphere where co-workers feel comfortable eating together. While some employers invest in complex team building exercises which can kill whole days of work, others know that fostering camaraderie can be as simple as investing in a common dining space.

Lunching Is Networking

Having a lunch buddy is more than just a way to pass the time. Having friendly relationships with those you work with every day, and even making friends with those in departments you might not interact with over the course of an average workday can prove critical to your career. It also gives people who may not necessarily usually interact the ability to share ideas and perspectives which may be helpful to the company. When everyone at a company is learning and working and involved, the company thrives. Lunch gives your employees time to make it happen.  

It Can Make You Happier

We spend a large portion of our lives at work, and how we spend those hours dictates a lot about our overall health and happiness. Someone who can build casual and meaningful friendships with their coworkers at work will enjoy their work for more and be far more invested in it, than someone who lacks these relationships. Work friends can help make a long day or tough project fly by. At lunch, they help provide a space where you can let your hair down, relax, and recharge for the rest of your day. Open and healthy communication is critical to the culture and performance of any company.

Corporate Catering from Abundance Catering

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