How Lunch Improves Your Productivity

Productivity & Lunch

Improve your productivity with a healthy lunch!

There are a variety of aspects to lunch that can help your productivity and overall well being when you get back to your desk. Eating healthier and drinking more water are essential in helping improve your productivity. Getting enough exercise and adding daily meditation can help too. But, did you know that taking a true, away from the desk lunch break is one of the most important steps you can take to being more productive? Most of us have fallen into the false belief that more time at the desk means more work done, but studies show that this is just not the case. Today we’re going to shed some light on the benefits of taking a lunch break, and we challenge you to start making it a priority.

Recharge Your Brain

When you take thirty minutes or more to step away from your desk and focus on other things, whether it be a quick walk, time with a book, or just a long lunch alone or with friends your mind is better able to take the break it needs to be more productive. Given the time to rest and rejuvenate you will be more likely to head back to your desk rejuvenated, clear-headed, and ready to tackle problems with grace.

Create Better Work-Life Balance

The dilemma of a better work-life-balance is something you hear many people talk about these days. With workplace duties often spilling into after hours and ore it’s easy to see how it can be absolutely draining. Adding a real lunch break is part of achieving work-life balance, even if you’re taking it at the workplace.

Stay On Task

More time at your desk means more work done, right? While this is commonly believed, it’s far from true. Often, our brains coax us into a false sense of productivity – you ate lunch at your desk so you can spend a few minutes checking social media. Unfortunately, those few minutes get repeated, and before you know it you’ll have spent half the day distracted, and your to-do list will be far from done. Taking a real lunch break gives you a distinct time and space to be fully distracted allowing you the ability to focus better when you’re at your desk.

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