How to Keep Your Catering Budget Reasonable

How to Keep Your Catering Budget Reasonable

No matter what event you are thinking about catering, you cannot exceed your budget.

No matter what event you are thinking about catering, you cannot exceed your budget. But either way, there are ways to ensure that the event you want to plan stays affordable. Be realistic, but don’t feel as though you can’t go overboard. After all, the holidays are coming up sooner than you think! 

Reducing Costs 

Weddings, especially when they are massive affairs, are going to be expensive. That’s why lowering costs is so important. Keeping your budget down doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the great taste and presentation of the food along with the service you expect for such a big event. 

Collect All Information

The first thing you need to do is collect all of the information that you need. One of the most important documents you can ask for is a cost breakdown. This will allow you to get a better idea of how much you need to spend and how much you can save. Also, inquire if there are any gratuities or additional taxes or upcharges, such as providing alcohol during the cocktail hour. 

Consider Buffet Style 

Serving the food buffet style is also easier than having all of your guests order individual plates. This reduces the need for as many members of the catering waitstaff or bartenders. That can change the complexion of the event you want to have catered. Instead, the food can be the star of the show. 

Redesign the Menu 

Also, don’t be afraid to rethink the menu. Even though you may want to splurge, offering steak and salmon can also make your costs go up. Offering vegan or vegetarian selections can help. All of your guests will deeply appreciate gluten-free options as well. Even offering breakfast or brunch items can make a difference, depending on the time of day that the ceremony happens.

Talk to Your Caterer

Ultimately, to get the best idea of what to do, talk to your caterer. Your catering staff will be more than glad to answer all of your questions. You never know how inventive your new menu could be! 

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