How to Meet Dietary Needs for Your Next Catered Lunch

How to Meet Dietary Needs for Your Next Catered Lunch

Arranging the details for your next catered lunch involves more than setting a date and time.

Arranging the details for your next catered lunch involves more than setting a date and time. You will also need to get to know your employees and any potential guests they might bring, especially if any events offsite have catered food, such as a holiday party celebrating Halloween. Meeting dietary needs for all of your attendees is crucial because no one wants to feel left out because of their restrictions. 

Identifying Dietary Needs

The first matter to settle involves finding out the different dietary needs that should be planned for before your next catered lunch event. If the majority of the menu selections are already preset, this means you will need to ask all of your guests if they have any particular reasons to have something different. Maybe they have celiac disease or gluten intolerance; they could also be following a vegan or paleo-based diet. Follow up during the registration period to pinpoint specific meal preferences, including potential food-based allergies or sensitivities. 

Addressing Payment Concerns 

Once you know which dietary needs should be addressed before your catered lunch, it is acceptable to confront the thorny question of payment concerns. For more reasonable requests, then the host of the event should pay. But if the guest takes undue advantage of the situation, then a small upcharge would be desirable. 

Providing Reasonable Accommodations

In the end, the most crucial step is to do all you can to provide accommodations for everyone attending the lunch, or in some cases, dinner, that you are putting together. Customer service is vital, and even when the customers are your teammates and coworkers, you will want to go above and beyond!

Discussing with Venues 

In many cases, the easiest way to figure out all of the logistics in regards to dietary needs for any catered lunch is to speak with the venue where you are holding the event. It could be in the office conference room or offsite at a nearby restaurant. Either way, the food is not likely to be provided in-house, per se, unless it is supposed to be a potluck or picnic-style event. 

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