How To Promote Nutrition At Work

Workplace Nutrition

Promote workplace nutrition at your office!

At work, you may have noticed that your employees are feeling a bit sluggish. The daily effort needed to do a good job is enough on its own, but when employees aren’t properly nourished their jobs can seem even more difficult. Take these steps to promote nutrition at your office.

Mandate Lunch Breaks

It’s important for everyone to take a break from their work. Most people have a lot of responsibilities at their workplaces and try to do everything they can to fulfill them all. One of the the most common sacrifices that results from this desire to be as productive as possible is the lunch break. Many people forgo eating lunch or simply eat a small snack at their desks. This isn’t the healthiest option because not eating lunch deprives your body of key nutrients you’ll need to get through your day. It can also lead to overeating later in the day.

Create A Nice Eating Space

Essentials like a refrigerator and a microwave are nice, but it’s important that employees not only have a place to store their food but a space to eat them in as well. Create a welcoming space away from the bustle of the office that your employees can use to eat their lunch and recharge. Add comfortable chairs and use an inviting layout for the best results.

Look At Your Food Options

It’s hard to promote nutrition if the only food offerings in your office are unhealthy foods from vending machines. Make sure that you check to see which foods your business is offering your employees and figure out if you could replace any unhealthy ones with healthier alternatives. Convenience plays a large role in the foods people choose to eat, so make sure that the healthy options are the easiest ones as well.

Hydration Is Key

Drinking water is very important, so find some ways to encourage your employees to do so. You could provide them with company-branded water bottles or bring in a water cooler in order to help accomplish this. Make sure to place the water cooler in an area where there is a lot of foot traffic to maximize the number of your employees who use it.

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