Ideas for Catering Your Next Big Event

Ideas for Catering Your Next Big Event

Donuts are a great idea for catering a breakfast event.

As much as everyone in your office enjoys free food, you’ve got to keep your menu fresh. Maybe one of the perks at your workplace is a monthly team lunch catered by a nearby restaurant? In any case, here are some ideas for arranging all of your catering needs for your next big event on the calendar, no matter what that may be! 

Elevated Donuts 

Donuts are a great idea for a breakfast event. Let’s say that your big meetings only happen once a quarter. Then let’s suppose that these meetings are held in the morning instead of the afternoon to avoid any disruptions to workflow. Best of all, your employees can still earn hours on the clock, even if the meeting is off-site! Try mixing things up with fancy donuts that are a cut above the local fast food joint. Specialty donuts such as the cronut variant may not be a huge craze anymore, but it will still perk up the taste buds when paired with artisanal coffee!

International Fare 

Step outside the pizza box by going international. If you serve many customers located in the East Asian region, or you have personal experience from that region of the world, then take advantage of international fares such as Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches or Japanese Bento boxes!

Coffee Breaks 

Everyone digs coffee. Putting together a coffee bar paired with small appetizers and pastries can be an enormous boost during the long slog of a Monday or the Friday slowdown after a long work week. Have some non-dairy milk available and try providing flavors of creamer as well!

Farm to Table Charm 

Farm to table is another trend in the restaurant industry that can play into your hands if you plan it out the right way. Using fresh and local ingredients is a great way to chase away the winter blues and welcome spring back to the menu!

Food Trucks

Finally, think about the food trucks patrolling the area around the office. Baltimore plays host to many different food trucks, and they can be found gathering out in the suburbs as well. Use this to your advantage! 

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When you work with The Abundance Catering Company, you get a partner that understands how important it is that your coworkers or students are satisfied with the catering service. Whether you need catering for ten people or 1,000, Abundance Catering can help.

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