The Importance of Business Lunches

Impress your next client with a catered lunch meeting!

Impress your next client with a catered lunch meeting!

Corporate catering and business lunches can work wonders for both productivity and corporate image. Whether you are making an important deal or finally connecting with the mentor of your dreams, often a simple phone call is just not personal enough. Here are some reasons to consider turning that meeting into a business lunch.

You Can Control The Atmosphere

If you meet at their office, you will be on their turf, where they might be distracted by any number of things. If they agree to come to your office instead, they will be in your territory, which may cause them to put up their guard. You want a neutral atmosphere. Be sure to find out of they have any dietary restrictions on preferences and choose accordingly.   

Make Things Equal

Having someone come and sit to talk to you opposite your large desk sends a very clear message about who is in charge. While this is ideal in many situations, there are certain situations where going the extra mile to show a potential partner that you value them as an equal will yield better results. You can achieve a similar but more subtle effect at a business lunch by ensuring that you are the main focal point from their point of view.

Get More Time

Typical meetings are very cut and dry and often have strict time frames. If you have only a half hour to make your point, it will be expected that you make it quickly so everyone can get on with their day. A business lunch, however, is different. Most people schedule at least 60-90 minutes for business lunches, giving you more time to make your point in a more casual setting. In this space, discussion, question, and collaboration can happen far more organically. People take their time when they eat, which will give you time to form a relationship beyond the presentation. People like to do business with people they like, and this is your time to make a good impression.

Do Them A Favor

Make sure that when the time comes, you pick up the check. This is a power move which will leave them feeling as if you have done them a favor, and that they owe you after the meal’s end.

Corporate Catering from Abundance Catering

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