Planning a Pumpkin-Themed Office Party for Fall

Planning a Pumpkin-Themed Office Party for Fall

Planning a pumpkin-themed office party as this fall starts to wind up won’t be a headache when you have the right approach.

Whether a coworker has a birthday coming up or not, you shouldn’t hesitate to have more office parties. Planning a pumpkin-themed office party as this fall starts to wind up won’t be a headache when you have the right approach. Follow these tips to help make it happen!

Decorate with Gourds

Did you know that pumpkins aren’t fruits or vegetables? Even though they have their seeds on the inside, they belong to the gourd family. Start the party by decking out your venue in pumpkins. They don’t all need to be carved into jack-o-lanterns, either; the chances are good that your party will fall after Halloween. One of the most significant benefits of decorating with pumpkins and other gourds is that they come in all shapes and sizes! Many gourds are also smaller, so you can get more for your money, depending on the size of the space. A conference room at the office will be much smaller than a ballroom at the nearby country club!

Create Pumpkin Appetizers

Before dinner is served, you’re going to need some pumpkin-flavored appetizers. Please speak to the catering company that you’ve partnered with to see what they can whip up for you! Onsite catering services might also be able to help if you aren’t outsourcing this duty. If you know that your employees and coworkers love butternut squash soup, then give pumpkin soup a try!

Bake Some Pies 

After dinner comes dessert. Baking up pumpkin pies can be a fun activity for your party. You can either have the bake-off as part of the festivities or have everyone bring in a cake that they baked at home. Cinnamon and nutmeg – the essence of pumpkin spice – will add even more flavors.

Brew Up Coffee Drinks

Don’t forget about the coffee! There is a reason why pumpkin spice lattes are so popular around this time of year. Find the right combination of pumpkin puree, vanilla, and seasonings to take your coffee drinks like lattes and americanos to the next level. 

Arrange Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is also essential, and it can be paired with appetizers and other light refreshments. Pumpkin pie martinis, pumpkin margaritas, pumpkin Irish cream drinks, and even pumpkin-flavored beer cocktails can help liven up your shindig!

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