Tips for Catering for a Company Party

Tips for Catering for a Company Party

Summer’s a great time to host a company party! Check out the tips below for your next corporate catered event.

The summer is one of the best times to enjoy a party. Hosting a company party will be a nice opportunity to take a break, eat something scrumptious and sweet, and bond with your co-workers while the weather is warm. To prepare for the catering of your company party, there are a few factors to keep in mind. With these applied to the catering, you’ll end up with a feast.

Head Count

Get a head count of who will be attending to get an estimate of the size of your group. It’s never good to end up not having enough food to serve your guests.

Dietary Restrictions

Also consider any dietary restrictions that might apply. Include a survey with your RSVP asking them, or think of including a few vegetarian and gluten-free menu items along with other appetizers and entrées. 


Everyone on board for the planning of the event needs to be clear on expectations. A couple might think of serving filet mignon, while the budget says “Hamburgers will do.” Set a budget so everyone is clear on what can be done. Also, take into consideration the price of renting any other setup items, such as tablecloths, utensils, dishes, and flowers. These components, along with the number of guests, will help determine what you should order. 


Another factor is the location of the party. It is much more relaxing to eat and socialize at a place away from the office rather than at the office. Setting the office as the place of work and another venue, even one’s home, as an option, can make for a refreshing change of scenery.


Overall, you will want to think about the theme of your get-together. What is the purpose of the party? Is it to congratulate everyone for their hard work? Is it to open an opportunity to bond? The purpose of the company party will ultimately help you determine what mood to set and help you choose a great catered menu.

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