Ways To Improve Workplace Nutrition

Workplace Nutrition

Promoting nutrition in the workplace is essential.

Are your employees sluggish and distracted? Their diet may be part of the problem. Creating an environment that nurtures better nutrition and healthy eating habits can help your employees feel more nourished, productive, and focused.

Enforce Lunch Breaks

One of the most common mistakes of today’s productivity-focused workplaces is the lack of a real lunch break. Many people choose to eat at their desk, either so they can continue working or because of a lack of dining areas. Encourage your employees to take right lunch breaks. Not only will this help them make better eating choices, but it can help them return to work with more focus and attention.

Make Eating Spaces Approachable

Providing a fridge and microwave is essential, but making sure there is ample seating, a clean setting, and other basics can help ensure your employees use the space. Having an excellent common kitchen area can not only help employees practice better habits, but it can also help improve employee relationships. Having time to eat community is a great way to build trust and an attitude of teamwork.

Check Your Menus and Vending Machines

As you begin making your workplace more nutrition friendly, it’s important to take a hard look at the options you are giving your employees. If the vending machines and cafeteria are stocked with high-fat, sodium-heavy options like chips and burgers, it may be time to make a change. Ensuring that there are healthy options; like fresh vegetables and fruit, smoothies, or unsweetened drinks is a significant first step.

Highlight Hydration

Along with eating better, staying hydrated is essential for building focus and removing boredom eating. Adding water fountains to strategic locations throughout your office, and ensuring they’re properly clean and maintained, is vital for reaching nutrition goals.

Swap Healthy Habits

By creating an environment that motivates and encourages healthier choices as a group you may find that you have more success. Get your entire community involved by helping recipe swaps. You can also have “health days” where everyone shares a healthy snack. Another great idea is to merge a team building day into your health goals by holding culinary workshops.


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