What Does Organic Mean?

What Does Organic Mean?

What exactly does the word “organic” mean when it comes to our food?

The term “organic” has been tossed around much as a buzzword for healthy foods. If it’s organic, it must be better. Is this true? Many people hear the word “organic,” but do not necessarily understand its full meaning. Here, we shall take a look at the meaning of the word “organic” and what the benefits of organic food truly are.

Meaning of Organic

If a food is organic, this means that its farmers grew the product in a specific way. Growing something organically means that the farmers did not use harmful pesticides, insecticides, or GMOs. This does not mean that the organic fruits and vegetables for sale have no pesticides on them, however. Farmers do use pesticides; the ones they use, though, are derived from natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic ones. If you see a USDA sticker marking an organic product, you will know that that product has been produced with 70% minimum natural ingredients and healthy practices.

For livestock, it means that the farmers reared them in more natural conditions and fed them more natural foods, such as grass. Instead of living all their lives in a giant, dark warehouse, animals like pigs, cows, and chickens are allowed to roam freely outdoors and eat proper food. These animals are not raised on hormones, medications, or unhealthy feed like corn, animal parts, or even sewage sludge.

Benefits of Organic Food

The benefits of organic food are real. One benefit of organic fruits and vegetables is that they are generally fresher. Because they have less fertilizers and preservatives, they will not last as long as ones doused in synthetic chemicals. 

They will also contain little to no GMOs, or Genetically-Modified Organisms. The debate on GMOs is huge, as some modifications appear to be harmless, while others may be more harmful. GMOs refer, even so, to foods with DNA changed in such a way that such products do not even occur in nature. Good examples include corn chips and many cereals. Regardless, GMO foods have been linked to increased allergies and gastro-intestinal problems in people. Organic foods typically reduce or resolve this matter.

As for meat, dairy, and eggs, happier, healthier animals typically produce better results than methods designed for mass-production. These foods contain more antibiotics and nutrients, and less of the nasty stuff. 

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