Why Is It So Important To Eat Lunch?

Why Is It So Important To Eat Lunch?

In many other countries, lunch is the biggest and most important meal of the day.

In many other countries, lunch is the biggest and most important meal of the day. In this country, lunch is usually nothing special. Many of us, especially in the 9-5 grind, see lunch as a brief pause in the day, where the work break is more important than the food. In many professions, lunch is even skipped entirely or simply worked through without thought. There are actually many benefits to breaking up your day with a pause for a healthy lunch. Read on to find out more.

The Benefits Of Lunch

Eating a hearty lunch in the middle of the day has many benefits. Most of us eat at least a little breakfast, but by midday, our bodies need a burst of energy to power us through the afternoon. A healthy, hearty lunch will do just that, without the crash that comes from high-sugar snacks or caffeinated drinks. There is also research that shows that eating throughout the day keeps your metabolism active, and lunch is integral to that.

The Problems Of Skipping Lunch

There are many reasons that people skip lunch, including being too busy and wanting to cut calories when dieting or trying to eat healthier. This strategy almost never works, however. If you’re skipping lunch even when you’re hungry, those hunger cues will simply grow and you are likely to overeat and to make poor nutritional choices when you do eat next. Skipping meals can also lead to trouble concentrating and other ill feelings, which will decrease your productivity and probably counteract the work you accomplished when working through lunch.

The Importance Of Lunch For Kids

Lunch is even more important for kids in school because for many of them it is the only real food they get during the school day. For most kids, breakfast and dinner are eaten at home and snacks also happen at home after the school day ends. This means that a healthy school lunch carries the burden of sustaining kids throughout the whole school day. There are also kids who may not always get other meals at home, so lunches are the only way they are getting nutrition.

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