Why You Should Hire A Catering Service For Your School Lunch Program

Why You Should Hire A Catering Service For Your School Lunch Program

Having a catering service can help offer the variety needed for children to be engaged in healthy choices.

While school lunches are no longer the drab, mystery meat packed nightmares they once were many schools are still struggling to move to healthier options. Nationwide, up to 75% of students choose school lunches instead of packing a lunch, and over 89% of children from low-income families use school lunch programs. With this in mind, moving to a healthier lunch program offers a wide variety of benefits to students. While some might worry about the extra work a healthy program can create, using a catering service can help to alleviate much of the difficulty.  

Increased Student Happiness

When making the change to a healthier school lunch program both students and employees need to be involved. For students, knowing what their options are, and having a say in what their choices will be results in greater student satisfaction and engagement in the project. Additionally, it ensures that the new foods being offered will not go to waste. For staff, new menus mean new prep, and often healthier options can cause significant increases to workload. Using a catering company to do the hard work – prepping vegetables for instance – will mean that staff maintains a manageable workload.  This allows everyone to enjoy healthier choices. Creating involvement on all ends helps keep the school running happy, something that makes everyone’s lives easier.  

Nutrition Improvements

According to a study published by The Journal of School Health, school lunches can provide up to 30% of the fruits and vegetables the average student will consume. In general, students who eat school lunches are more likely to eat vegetables, fruit, and milk than those who don’t. However, for this to be true the school must provide enough fruit and vegetable options that will be palatable to children. Having a catering service can help offer the variety needed for children to be engaged in healthy choices.  

Behavior and Engagement Increase

You know the food coma you go into after you eat a carb-heavy meal? Imagine having to sit through a math lecture or a reading of King Lear in the midst of a hazy, pizza-induced fog. It’s no wonder that schools who ditched the junk in favor of healthy options noticed a distinct increase in student engagement and attention. Likewise, when students were given food options that caused fewer spikes in blood sugar behaved significantly better. Just like you wouldn’t feed your child too much sugar before bed, they shouldn’t have it before science experiments either.

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