Why You Shouldn’t Skip Lunch

In the past we’ve written about the benefits of a real lunch break, but did you know that it’s just as important to eat as it is to get away from your desk?

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but did you know that lunch is just as necessary? Too many of us skip our lunch breaks or binge snacks at our desks while we try to multitask with work. Or even worse, some of us skip our lunches altogether. In the past we’ve covered the benefits of a real lunch break, but did you know that it’s just as important to eat as it is to get away from your desk?


While the term “hangry” may be one that conjures up funny or slightly condescending feelings, its a real concern. When your blood sugar begins to drop, like it does when you skip a meal, your mood will be affected. How you eat can change the intensity of these drops, but even those with a healthy diet can feel the effects of low blood sugar.

Brain Fog

When it gets to be around, and you find yourself having trouble concentrating on the task at hand and stumbling over your words, you’re feeling the effects of the no-lunch brain fog. Along with making you moody, a drop in blood sugar can lead to decreased cognitive functioning, and the inability to focus.


When your body is running low on fuel, you’ll feel the effects. Along with moodiness and a decrease in mental capabilities, you may notice that you begin to feel tired and achy. These symptoms of fatigue are common as your body runs out of energy to keep you going. While eating, in general, improves fatigue, you should try to eat healthy, nourishing foods to ensure you don’t overdo it and head right into food coma territory.

Over Eating

If your goal was to skip lunch to help meet your weight loss goals, we have bad news for you. Studies have shown that people who skip meals are more likely to make poor food choices and to eat more than they otherwise would.  

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