School Dining Services

Perhaps your school does not have a commercial kitchen or traditional dining hall and you need food delivered on a daily basis. Conversely, you may have kitchen and dining facilities but you don’t want the responsibility of planning a menu, hiring staff, and managing daily operations. The Abundance Catering Company can take care of every facet of your school foodservice program so you can focus on education.

School catering and foodservice management services need to be handled by professionals who are experienced in this area and not simply the neighborhood restaurant or pizza place. We work with both public and private schools in the Baltimore Area. We understand the delicate balance between pleasing students’ palates and easing parents’ minds when it comes to the often-maligned “School Lunch”. When we plan your menu, we work to satisfy everyone’s desires. And if your school participates in the Free and Reduced Meals Program, we will be sure to meet the requirements set forth by the NSLP and SBP.

In the case of private schools, we understand that parents expect to have a greater amount of input when it comes to planning the school lunch menu. Our staff is available to meet with your HSA or PTA members to answer questions, gather feedback, and help make your school lunch program as progressive and unique as possible.

Successfully managing your school lunch program requires more than just serving nutritious, good-tasting meals to your students. We also provide on-site personnel with years of experience in order to ensure food is properly handled and served to the students. We do this regardless of whether we’ve prepared the food in our kitchen or yours. If you contract us to deliver prepared meals to your school, we will stay for the duration of your meal service and not simply drop your food and run. And rest assured that all of our employees complete a thorough background check and have successfully completed the requisite food safety & sanitation training.

Click here to look at some of the menus we currently use in our existing school foodservice contracts. To schedule a meeting with one of our school foodservice specialists, contact us today via email or call 410-590-8680.